The goal of any training is to optimize information and its delivery vehicle in a user-friendly way so the learner quickly masters what is presented. CreateWrite develops training at the learner’s comfort level, building upon concepts the learner already understands. Needs assessments, pre- and post-tests, and other tools ensure on-target content. Well-written content enables fast learning, high retention, and immediate application.


Equally important is the medium by which the training is delivered. Today more delivery methods are available than ever before—each with its own requirements and challenges of pacing and delivery. Neurosurgeons can listen to a podcast that covers a peer-reviewed journal article, but the pacing of the two mediums will differ drastically. A DVD script’s pacing differs from web content. CreateWrite’s instructional design background and expertise in writing for print, audio, web, and multimedia match the message with the medium and optimize both to your target audience. Additionally, CreateWrite is adept at using templates and standard formats that simplify a webmaster’s or video producer’s work. 


Medical textbook chapter

CE and CME

Pharmaceutical rep training

Quick reference guide

Patient education

What clients say:

Textbook chapter

“Lana: Looks good. I especially like the overall table and diagrams … These are good take-home images. Thanks for all your hard work on this.”
MK, researcher and book editor

Web-based annual training for nurses

"I took a really good look at your modules and you really did a wonderfully thorough job!  The amount of clinical information you included is awesome."
LH, senior clinical educator

Training video and accompanying self-paced manual

“I just got back from a meeting about the Eli Lilly mentoring project. The client loved the guide and was so impressed by all of the research and work you did!
BF, production manager

Quick reference guide for nurses

“Perfect! Thanks so much!
JJ, custom publishing manager

Podcast for neurologists

“What an excellent description of the pathological process in AD [Alzheimer disease]. I doff my hat …”
SK, production editor

Podcast for pharma reps

“Our team has nothing to great things to say about you … We look forward to continuing our relationship next year!
SK, president

Patient education videos

“Thank you, Lana! We have found you to be most pleasant to work with and are so impressed with your writing and editing. We will contact you as soon as additional projects are available."
HS, project manager

Patient-focused web content

“I went through all the website content last night. It is fantastic! I cannot thank you enough for all you’ve done on this project. Your thoroughness, attention to detail, and real passion for the subject never left me in doubt about the quality of what we would be able to deliver to the client and our audience.”
BF, creative director