Clear, Concise Medical Writing

CreateWrite’s medical writing conveys highly technical information in a highly usable way.

Staples of good medical writing include gathering, assimilating, and applying large amounts of information to the project at hand. That’s the information-handling aspect of medical writing. Great medical writing goes several steps further:

  • Providing accurate, fair-balance writing
  • Adhering to ICJME guidelines
  • Considering the audience’s needs, comfort level (how quickly they need to learn new information), and the delivery medium (print, web, audio, video, multimedia).

CreateWrite has the medical knowledge, technical skills, instructional design background, and breadth of experience to explain a new oncology treatment equally effectively in a peer-reviewed medical journal and in a three-minute patient video.

Beyond simply conveying information, CreateWrite masterfully crafts the message to the medium and the audience for maximum understanding and retention. That’s the “create” in CreateWrite. 

CreateWrite. It’s what we do.