Writing for multimedia requires careful scripting of print, audio, and visual elements.

  • Scripting for narration requires writing natural, fluid speech. Printed words on a screen or web page should capture the essence of narration to reinforce main points.
  • Scripting visual effects requires understanding of pacing, audience engagement, and picturing the final product through the eyes of your audience. Visuals should enhance and explain the written or audio message. Excessive “eye candy” can distract from a message.

Writing suggestions for visuals that enhance the message and keep a person engaged are equally as important as writing clear, concise, “chunked” content. Count on CreateWrite’s expertise to deliver both to your target audience.

CreateWrite works with medical production companies to produce:

  • Interactive web content
  • Interactive PowerPoint presentations
  • Patient DVDs

Past multimedia projects have included the major fundraising vehicle of the initial capital campaign for the Indiana University Simon Cancer Center, a print guide and video on mentoring for Eli Lilly & Co., coaching modules for the National Federation of State High School Associations, parts of the Chantix national rollout, a full-length DVD for the International Society of Bipolar Disorders, and more.


*Much multimedia content that CreateWrite has written is accessible only via subscription. Contact CreateWrite for samples of the verbiage written for patient DVDs and other multimedia projects.